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The only Pro-Environment Media Advocacy Program in Southern Nigeria since 2016, a platform built from the beautiful heart of a Nigerian Youth, WONNE Afronelly, raising VERDANTS from Port Harcourt to the World.

A vehicle for young persons in Nigeria and beyond.

MyEnvironment, MyWealth

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To curb the increasingly alarming environmental challenge by raising kids, youths and citizens to learn to be strong influences on the future generation through environmental awareness and social projects

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To be the nexus between every facet of human interaction and inculcating good environmental practices through advocacy and social projects

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Problem Statement

The unfriendly approach of many Nigerians to good waste management practices and culture is a problem worth solving.

MyEnvironment, MyWealth


To Inform

about the hazardous effects of trash on our health and how it affects us in Nigeria, in line with the Federal Government’s Urban Renewal drive to reduce and protect our environment from environmental degradation. 

Promote awareness

To promote awareness on proper waste management and disposal, raising initiatives amongst all levels of society, from Government, Industry and Educational Institutions, to Community-led Initiatives, Grassroots organizations, and the decisions of Households and Pedestrians.

To educate

To educate on the various ways of Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering energy from debris especially discarded plastic materials.


To enlighten the public about the useful utilization of most debris discarded without recycling.


@myEmyWealth utilizes every form of media available for its advocacy and sensitization especially individual policing method, radio, television (terrestrial and online), new media, outreaches, community and street campaigns etc

Research/Content Development

In-depth knowledge from years of field work, campaigns, social projects, interactions from broadcast media programs, interviews, vox pops, questionnaire surveys etc has yielded a rich library to continually educate, inform and constructively entertain society.


Skills Discovery/

Over the years we have discovered children and youths with rare gifts and ideas in solving environmental problems, and we help develop these ideas and incubate them to tangible innovations.


We coach young people, groups, organizations, agencies and orchestrate programs where resource persons in specific fields share their wealth of knowledge to adequately equip them for real life situations. 


Raising #Under30CEOs
and Verdant Youths

With our new innovations and ideas, young people stand great chances of discovering themselves and acquiring new standards that would place them on a global plane whilst they are becoming entrepreneurs early. Youths in our society have more reason to be the symbol of environmentalism (verdancy).


What The People Think About Us

It's my pleasure to be a part of this selfless organization. My first contact with the NGO was when ma'am Afronelly and her team effortlessly drafted a proposal for our organization to carry out cleaning exercises.
Utibe Jacob
Digital Creator
Amazing platform, geared towards ensuring clean environment. #NoLitterringCampaign
Smith Nwokocha
Climate Reality Leader
Thank you Ms Afronelly for reaching out to OVCs. You came into our lives and instilled in us so much value. If not for you, maybe I'd still be littering my environment. Thank you so much for your immense contribution to humanity. Thank you for your role as a model and a voice. Your impact is quite inexplicable to me.
Favour Kaa
Young Environmentalist
Social Projects

Research, Discover, Innovate, Build


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