What We Do


@myEmyWealth utilizes every form of media available for its advocacy and sensitization especially individual policing method, radio, television (terrestrial and online), new media, outreaches, community and street campaigns etc

Research/Content Development

Indepth knowledge from years of field work, campaigns, social projects, interactions from broadcast media programs, interviews, vox pops, questionnaire surveys etc has yielded a rich library to continually educate, inform and constructively entertain society.

Skills Discovery/Development

Over the years we have discovered children and youths with rare gifts and ideas in solving environmental problems, and we help develop these ideas and incubate them to tangible innovations.


We coach young people, groups, organizations, agencies and orchestrate programs where resource persons in specific fields share their wealth of knowledge to adequately equip them for real life situations.


 Raising #Under30CEOs and Verdant Youths

With our new innovations and ideas, young people stand great chances of discovering themselves and acquiring new standards that would place them on a global plane whilst they are becoming entrepreneurs early. Youths in our society have more reason to be the symbol of environmentalism (verdancy).


wTw Initiatives

The 4 Rs of Waste Management:



Recycle (Upcycling)


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